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Ask us a question

What should I bring with me? - We provide all beds, bowls, litter, litter trays and scratching mats but if your cat has a favourite toy, bed or scratching post then please feel welcome to bring it.

Before we decide, can we have a look around the cattery? - Of course. We welcome the chance to show you around. Just come along during any of our opening times.

Will my cat have an outdoor run? - We have both indoor pens and outdoor runs which are both the same size, so please specify on booking which you would prefer.

Are the runs cosy? - Very. All pens are kept nice and warm as there are radiators in each pen and a heated shelf with vet bed bedding and heated beds.

Is there a safety corridor? - Yes. We always make sure the doors are closed after we enter our safety corridors so that there is no possibilty of a cat escaping.

Will my cat need to be vaccinated to stay in the cattery? - Yes. All cats must have an up to date vaccination card to ensure the good health of yours and all the other cats in the cattery. We will need to see certificates for Feline Infectious Enteritis and upper respiratory infections/cat flu.

What if my cat is on a prescription diet? - Just give us the prescription diet from your vet and we will be happy to administer it.

Will my cat receive regular grooming? - Grooming is an important part of our daily routine. We enjoy it almost as much as the cats do.

What if my cat is on medication? - Don't worry, we are happy to administer any medication such as insulin injections free of charge.

I have more than one cat, can they be kept together? - Of course they can. All of our pens will take at least two cats together and we even have a pen that will accommodate up to four cats.

What if my cat becomes ill during its stay? - Obviously we take the greatest care of your cat and will monitor it daily but, of course, it could become ill while in our care. Should this happen we will act quickly by contacting either your own vet or the cattery's vet.

What food will my cat get? - We only stock the top quality brands of cat food: Hills, Purina One, James Wellbeloved, Iams, Felix, Sheba and Whiskas, Senior food & kitten food, or you may bring your own. If you would like to bring in fresh food for your cat you can bring in individual portions that we can freeze and defrost daily ie: prawns, fish and chicken. This service is at no extra cost.

Is my cat insured during its stay? - We are fully insured for veterinary cover and public liability.

Do I have to complete another registration form for future bookings? - No, once you have filled out the form all you need to do is contact us via phone or email for your next booking.

Before you leave, please check you have not left any toys, beds, brushes, food, medication or any other accessories. These can only be held for 7 days due to storage space.

Any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us

For Enquiries and Bookings Tel: 01582 792200 - Mob: 07899 992898 or email us